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Plant Fermentation Chemical

Plant Fermentation Chemical

We are a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Plant Fermentation Chemical, which is a complex blend of bio-nutrients having anti-microbial and enzymatic activity. Distillzyme is specifically formulated for Indian climate to be used as an alcohol yield booster in molasses fermentation plants. Our Plant Fermentation Chemical is known for 100% no-friendly and safe usage.

Mode Of Action
Distillzyme is a balanced complex of biological nutrients enzymes and antimicrobialagents. The bio-nutrients facilitate faster yeast propagation by providing the essential micro & macro elements for the yeast growth enzymes breakdown the higher saccharides and proteins occurring naturally in the molasses making them available for fermentations the anti-microbial components reduce microbial contamination in the fermentation system the cumulative result of these three actions results in increased alcohol yield in molasses fermentation.

Benefits of Distillzyme
  • Increase in overall yield
  • Increase in plant capacity
  • Reduction in contamination
  • Reduction in overall operation or reduced usage of
  • Chemicals for fermentation
  • Completely eliminates the usage of urea & DAP
  • Significant reduction in total fermentation time
  • Efficient & easier operation of the fermentation system

  • Appearance : light brown powder
  • Odour : characteristic odour
  • Operating temperature : 28-38 C temp
  • Operating PH : 3.8-6 PH

Recommended dosage is 5-10 ppm of the fermentation wash. However the exact dosage may vary and need to be optimized. The major factors determining the dosage of Distillzyme are :
  • The yeast strain
  • The current operating conditions of the plant
  • The composition of the molasses
  • Molasses water ratio in the wash
  • Operating temperature and PH.

  • Distillzyme is available in standard 2kg & 20kgs or 25kgs HDPE drums